SSS Loaded Pickguard – Wilkinson MWHS Pickups & 6 Positions Varitone


Loaded with Wilkinson pickups MWHS type. These pickups are very powerful and quiet. The neck pickup switch provides 2 additional sounds: Neck/ bridge and 3 pickups simultaneously.

The six position varitone and the Warm / bright / warm switch offers a great tone control and allows you to get all sounds. From jazzy to sharp rock tone.

The pickguard was assembled using silver solder, and shielded with self-adhesive copper foil.


3 Single Coil Pickups Wilkinson MWHS type

  • MWHSN 5.6K DC ( Neck)
  • MWHSM 5.6K DC (Middle)
  • MWHSB 6.1K DC ( Bridge)

Six Position Varitone
The varitone allows you to choose among six different capacitor.

  • 0.047uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.0047uF
  • 0.001uF

Warm/Bright/Warm Switch
This on/off/on switch boosts the bass by adding a resistor of 200k or 100k on the entire system.

  • On: 200k resistor
  • Off: regular sound
  • On: 100k resistor

250k potentiometers

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