SSH Stratocaster Pickguard – Wilkinson Pickups Neck Switch – editable Humbucker in Series / Split / Parallel


This pickguard features two single coils and one humbucker. You can have the traditional Fender sound and a fat humbucker pickup for soloing.

The bridge pickup can be edited in Series, Split and Parallel mode to offer you a significant possibility of microphone setting.
The pickguard is handmade and shielded with adhesive copper foil to ensure the best possible insulation.

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Wilkinson Pickups MWHS Type

  • MWHSN 5.6K DC (Neck) Single coil
  • MWHSM 5.6K DC (Middle) Single coil
  • MWHBB (bridge) humbucker

1st Switch: Neck Pickup

The neck pickup switch allows to add two additional pickup selections. It enables the neck pickup whatever the position of the five positions selector.

  • In 4th position, the switch sets the three microphones simultaneously.
  • In 5th position, the switch activates the neck and bridge pickups simultaneously.

2nd Switch: Three position Humbucker

  • Series
  • Split
  • Parallel

There is many Stratocaster type on the market. Different US Fender, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and brand like Squier. Not to mention assembled Stratocaster with various parts coming from professional or amateur luthiers.

Although they all seem to look alike, pickguards install might require a slight modification of the pickup cavity. The screw slot might also not match. Until now I’ve always been able to install a pickguard on all strat Models on which I had to work.

The pickguards used are Fender standard dimension.

To install the pickguard, it is recommended to remove all the strings and NEVER to force.

This post is also available in: French

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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