SSH Pickguard Wilkinson Pickups – Half out-of-Phase – VariTone – Humbucker in Series/Split /Parallel


This pickguard features SSH Wilkinson pickups with a neck switch to deliver the seven sound setup, middle pickup Half out-of-Phase, and bridge humbucker editable in Series/Split /Parallel as well as a 12 positions varitone.

It is a great pickguard offering the traditional Stratocaster sound with the warm and rich sound of the bridge humbucker.

The Wilkinson pickups are of exceptional quality: silent and powerful.


Pickups Wilkinson, MWHS type

  • MWHSN 5.6K DC (Neck) Single coil
  • MWHSM 5.6K DC (Middle) Single coil
  • MWHBB (bridge) humbucker

1st Switch: neck pickup

The neck pickup switch add two additional microphone wiring. It enables the neck pickup whatever the position of the five-way switch is.

  • In 4th position, the switch allows for three microphones simultaneously
  • In 5th position, the switch delivers the neck and bridge pickup

2nd Switch: Phase / Half Out-Of-Phase

This switch turns the middle pickup Half Out Of Phase

  • Switch up: In phase
  • Switch down: Half out-of-Phase

Unlike a standard off phase wiring, the half out-of-Phase alters the microphone even when selected alone. The sound of out-of-phase setting approximates a Telecaster. It is less percussive than a regular strat setting.

3rd Switch: Humbucker with three positions

  • Series
  • Split
  • Parallel

12 position Varitone

The first position is the “Direct Through” option without any capacitor. This is the direct sound of you microphones, without any alteration.

The next 11 positions have tone filters, based on well-selected capacitors.

The next three positions will make your sound much smoother and warmer. It will still be fairly well balanced – the guitar does not lose all its highs.

Those three selections are mylar film capacitors wired in series with a 100K resistor. They are great for warm clear sound and crunches.

The following three positions are excellent for distortion/overdrive sound. They cut high frequencies reasonably, but not too much, so the guitar will always have some “punch” without the garish side of shrill.

The last five positions are perfect for the famous “women tone.”

Capacitors Values

  • Direct Through
  • 0.022uF Mylar film with a 100k resistor in series
  • 0.033nF Mylar film with a 100k resistor in series
  • 0.047nF Mylar film with a 100k resistor in series
  • 4.7nF Ceramic
  • 6.8nF Ceramic
  • 8.2nF Ceramic
  • 0.022uF mylar film
  • 0.033nF mylar film
  • 0.047nF mylar film
  • 0.056nF mylar film
  • 0.01uF Mylar Film


things to know prior installing a custom pickguard

There are countless Stratocaster on the market.

Different Fender US, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese to other brands like Squier, etc. Not to mention the Stratocaster assembled in a kit with bodies made by professionals or amateur luthiers.

Even though they all seem to look alike, the pickguards installation might require slight modifications of the cavity or the pickguard itself.

The screw location might not match.

Until now, I’ve always been able to install a pickguard on all ST Models on which I had to work.

The pickguards used are Fender Standard dimension.

To install the pickguard, it is recommended to remove all the strings and NEVER force.

In particular circumstances, with strats body from obscure origins, you might be required to remove the neck and adjust the pickguard for it to be straight and in line with the strings.
In all cases, these are minor changes and very easy to perform using a Dremel.
A keyword: PATIENCE

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