Passive Midrange Shaper


The Passive Midrange Shaper is one of the most simple and effective customization you can do on an electric guitar.

This type of circuit is a modified Varitone. It is found in some Gibsons, and to a lesser extent, some Gretschs.

It lets you change the overall tone of your guitar. Conversely a Varitone, you can sculpt your sound very accurately by simply turning a knob.

When the knob is set to 5, it is neutral.
If you increase the setting to 10, you supercharge the medium.
If you reduce the setting to 0, you dig mediums.

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It is very easy to install a Passive Midrange Shaper. Just solder a cable to the hot spot overall volume. It must attach to the output cable of the micro switch.

Only one weld is required to install a Passive Midrange Shaper.

It works wonders on Stratocaster to replace a tone knob.

Level of difficulty to install a Passive Midrange Shaper: EASY.
Duration: 10 minutes. The longest being to remove and reinstall the strings.

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