Modern Player Stratocaster HSH Pickguard – Varitone & No Load Pot


Original pickguard installed on Modern Player Fender Stratocaster.

I added a six positions Varitone and a 500K no load potentiometer. I also shielded the scratchcard with copper foil for superior insulation.

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Varitone 6 position

  • 0.047uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.0047uF
  • 0.001uF

It goes without saying that to use fully the possibilities of the Varitone, you must employ the tone pot. If you leave the tone knob on 10, there will be little to no difference between each capacitor.

Watch the video I made with this pickguard

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