Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard – Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Alnico V Humbuckers


The neck pickup switch allows you to add two additional pickup setting.
The switch enables the neck pickup whatever the position of the selector is.
In 4th position, the switch turns on the for three microphones simultaneously.
In 5th position, the switch allows turns on the neck and bridge pickup simultaneously.
Loaded with Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Alnico V Humbucker pickups, these microphones are very powerful and quiet.
The six position varitone offers excellent tone control and allows you to get all sound. From smooth jazz to the sharpest rock sound.
The pickguard was assembled using silver solder, shielded with self-adhesive copper foil.
Weird marks on the pickguard are due to flash reflection on the protective film …

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3 Pickups Belcat BHS -94 Hot Rail Strat Blade Coil

  • Magnet: ferrite
  • Color: Black
  • DC Resistance: 12.6K ohm
  • six position Varitone

The varitone lets you choose among six positions and five capacitors. It offers a large panel of different sounds.

  • 0.0047uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.047uF
  • Direct Through

The”Direct Through” setting features no capacitor. It allows direct output without being affected by any filter. It delivers the natural sound of the pickups. It is more brilliant and treble. You can use it as Lead sound for heavy distortion or crisp, clean sound for arpeggios or funky rhythm.

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