Custom Stratocaster – 3 Hot Rail Humbuckers – Midrange Shaper USA Flag Design – Hardcase


This Stratocaster owns a really cool look, tailor made for US guitar player or rock band playing US rock.

The guitar doesn’t just look good. It also features an excellent electronic and sports 3 Belcat Hot Rail humbuckers and many neat features.

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  • 22 fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Basswood body covered with fabric reproducing the American flag to the front of the guitar.
  • Back body in jeans
  • 6 screws Fender vibrato type

Detail of Pickguard

Equipped with 3 Pickups Belcat BHS-94 Hot Rail Strat Blade Coil
The neck pickup switch allows to add two additional pickup selection.
The switch enables the neck pickup whatever the position of the 5-way switch is.

  • In 4th position, the switch sets the 3 microphones simultaneously
  • In 5th position, the switch places the neck and bridge pickup simultaneously

Passive Midrange Shaper

This type of circuit is a modified VariTone. It is found in some Gibsons, and to a lesser extent, some Gretsch.
It allows you to change the overall tone of your guitar. Unlike a varitone, you can sculpt your sound very accurately just by turning a knob.

  • When the knob is set to 5, the Midrange Shaper is neutral
  • If you increase the setting to 10, you boost the medium
  • If you reduce the setting to 0, you cut mediums

It allows you to find the precise frequency to adjust your sound.
Especially useful for distortion sounds. You can fine tune the frequency that will boost your crunch or soften it for clearer sound.

Listen the demo I made about this pickguard
The only difference on the pickguard used in the video is a 6 position varitone instead of the midrange shaper.

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