Custom Fretless Guitar – Artec SE2 Pre-amp 


I built this guitar by editing an Aria Pro 2.

  • I reworked the form to improve the game in the acutes
  • I changed the tailpiece for a better quality tailpiece
  • I change the shape of the handle
  • I removed the freight and filled the freight slot with darker wood pulp
  • I equalized the planimetry of the handle to be able to adjust the key as low as possible without that it borders
  • I repeins the body of the guitar
  • I refinished the neck and body of the guitar with polyurethane varnish
  • I polished and polished the guitar with polish
  • The track on the 2nd fret was on the original handle and does not interfere with the game.
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Artec SE2 electronics offer a fine tuning of the tone with a two-band equalization, bass, treble as well as a microphone mixer that allows infinite dosing of the two microphones.

The electronics is active which gives a good boost to the sound. The fretless guitar in general suffers from a lack of volume and sustain due to the lack of freight.

The battery is housed in the electronics compartment at the back of the instrument.

It is recommended to unplug the guitar jack when not in use. At the risk of seeing the battery empty in 24 hours.

If you take care to always unplug the guitar jack, the battery has a life of about one year.

It is recommended to use rechargeable batteries and always have one in advance.

The photos are of poor quality because it is always difficult to photograph glossy black.

The guitar is sold without the battery

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 10 cm


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