Custom Modern Player Fender Stratocaster


This is a used Fender Stratocaster that I have entirely modified. I sell it because I have too much guitar and I get rid of duplicate guitars.

There are two volumes and a tone pot concentric knob. The first volume knob adjusts the neck and the bridge, while the second knob is active on the middle pickup. each pickup can be set in series, split and parallel independently (the three switches)


electronics detail

  • Volume 1 push-pull. in pulled mode, this transforms the pickups into series (neck and bridge in 5th positions and neck and bridge in series with the middle pickup parallel in 4th position)
  • Volume 2 in pulled mode sets the bridge pickup out of phase.
  • concentric tone: the top knob sets the bridge pup and the bottom one the other two
  • switch 1: series, split and parallel of the neck pickup
  • switch 2: series, split and parallel of the middle pickup
  • switch 3: series, split and parallel of the bridge pickup

Gears added

  • sperzel locking tuner
  • fender lsr roller nuts
  • rolling trees
  • aluminum pickguard 3mm thick to ensure perfect insulation
  • Artec hot rail alnico humbucker pickups
  • strap lock

There is a small mark on the headstock that I repaired with wood filler and varnish and a stripe on the top of the headstock. This does not interfere with the playing and is invisible unless you stick your nose on it. That’s why I agreed to a price slightly lower than its real value. I do not accept any offers because it has cost me more to customize. Just know the price of the parts that I added to realize that this is a great deal, not to mention the work. (LSR roller nut and custom pickguard)

This post is also available in: French

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 10 cm


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