9-Way Strat Switching – Middle Pickup Half Out-Of-Phase – Varitone – Wilkinson MWHS Pickups


The 9-ways pickguard features two unusual options that are not has frequent as other popular mods.

The 9-ways selector setting, that increase the regular 5-ways selector by 4 added pickup setting and the middle pickup half out-of-phase, also called the hOoP setting.

Unlike a standard off phase setting, the half out-of-Phase option alters the microphone sound even when selected alone.

The half out-of-Phase option adds four extra tones to the 9-way switching system. It adds a total of 13 entirely different sounds, completely customizable with the varitone.

Half out-of-Phase choice approximates the sound of a Telecaster. The sound is less slamming.


3 Single Coil Pickups Wilkinson kind MWHS

  • MWHSN 5.6K DC (Neck)
  • MWHSM 5.6K DC (Middle)
  • MWHSB 6.1K DC (Bridge)

The 9-ways Switch transforms the pickup selector and adds four additional sounds

Central position ( or second position)

The 2nd position offers the 5 traditional Stratocaster selector setting:

  • Neck Pickup
  • Neck & Middle Pickup
  • Middle pickup
  • Middle & Bridge pickup
  • Bridge pickup

Switch Down ( or 3rd position)

Offers 2 Additional Sounds:

  • The three microphones simultaneously in parallel
  • Neck & Bridge pickup in parallel

Switch Up ( or 1rstposition)

Provides 2 Additional Sounds:

  • Neck & Middle Pickup in Series
  • Neck & Bridge Pickup in Series with Middle Pickup in Parallel

The remaining three positions in both added options are the same as the regular 5-ways setting.

Second Switch – Phase / Half Out-Of-Phase

This switch turns the Middle Pickup Half Out Of Phase

  • Switch up: In phase
  • Switch down: Half out-of-Phase

6 Position Varitone

Here are the six values of the Varitone

  • Direct Through
  • 0.047uF
  • 0.033uF
  • 0.022uF
  • 0.010uF
  • 0.0047uF

Check out the video I made demoing the pickguard.


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