12 Positions Varitone – Special Clean & Crunch Sound


The “1” position is the “Direct Through” option without capacitor. It is the direct sound of the pups without any alteration.

The next 11 positions have tone filters, based on well-selected capacitors.

There is also a 100K resistance, hidden in the shrink tubing. It is used to make the filter less radical. With this strength, the sound of the guitar will not be too dull and will not lose too much treble. On most positions, the sound of the guitar will be quite transparent.

The first position of my Varitone will change the tone slightly (with certain types of microphones, change can be almost imperceptible).

The following three capacitors are somewhat influential. They will act only on the high frequencies. The guitar frequency range will always be wide enough.
The first four positions are intended to make the sound a bit warmer, less garish. They are based on ceramic capacitors and are very useful for distortion sound.

All other positions have a much more drastic operation on the guitar tone. They are based on polyester capacitors (Mylar film).

They will help you get hot and light tone.

The last four of them work very well for jazzy sounds

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​​Capacitors Values ​​

  1. Direct Through
  2. 3.3nF Ceramic
  3. 4.7nF Ceramic
  4. 6.8nF Ceramic
  5. 8.2nF Ceramic
  6. 0.022uF mylar film
  7. 0.033nF mylar film
  8. 0.047nF mylar film
  9. 0.056nF mylar film
  10. 0.068nF mylar film
  11. 0.082nF mylar film
  12. 0.1uF Mylar film

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